Topics & Scope

Topics & Scope

We call for scientific papers from the prospective participants who have interests to share their knowledge, research results, and policy recommendations regarding the theme of this event. All papers will be screened for publishing in international reputable proceedings. We will divide all submitted paper into the following sub-themes:


1.      Plant Science (PSC)

        (Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Integrated Pest Management)

2.      Agricultural Social Economics and Policy (ASP)

3.      Integrated Farming (IFA)

4.      Agricultural Environmental and  Engineering (AEE)

        (Agricultural Mechanization, Post Harvest, Precision Farming, Technology and Information System, Land and Water Management) 

5.      Agricultural Technology Transfer (ATT)

        (Dissemination of Innovation, Diffusion of Innovation)


All presentations will be virtual oral.