abstract & full paper

Abstract Submission

1. All prospective paper presenters should prepare their abstract using the predefined format (abstract template

2. All prospective paper presenters need to create an account on the ICADAI 2021 EasyChair System to submit their abstract

3. The commence of abstract submission date and notification of accepted abstract will be announced according to the important dates (see the detail of important dates) 

4. All paper presenters with accepted abstracts  should upload their full papers by following full paper submission guidelines

Submit Your Abstract Here

Full Paper Submission

1.  Full paper preparation should meet the predefined format (full paper template)

2. Full paper should be submitted through EasyChair of ICADAI 2021 (full paper submission guidelines)

3. The authors will also need to supply and upload the following items:

      a. License Agreement Form required by E3S Web of Conference (License Agreement Form)

      b. Payment/transfer receipt

4. The authors can edit and revise the paper after the files submitted to EasyChair system before the submission deadline (see important dates)

Submit Your Full Paper Here


1.  Pre-recorded video presentation should be prepared in *.mp4 format for 7 minutes (precisely)

2. Power point presentation should also be submitted through EasyChair

3. Detailed instructions on how to prepare the video presentation can be found in this link

4. The authors can edit and revise the pre-recorded video and PPT files before the submission deadline (see important dates)